Thursday, May 27, 2010

Are you a Carrie?

I couldn't help but wonder...

In typing those words, I'm immediately channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw. And I'm at that time and place in my life when I need her. No, I don't need to rush out and see Sex and the City 2, although it is the most accessible (and affordable) nationwide fashion event this season-- just about any gal can strap on her stillettos, designer or no, and strut to the nearest multiplex (cocktails, optional). To tell the truth, I never paid much mind to the original series (probably because I never had HBO, and even if I did, I would never have been allowed to watch it!). But I can still appreciate Carrie's witticisms and sartorial fearlessness; she wears what few women (in the real world) would dare, and clearly articulates what we're all already thinking.

I need Carrie to help me find the inspiration and confidence to make big changes in my life and career. I have been working (sometimes steadily, sometimes not), as a freelance writer since college graduation. I've also worked retail, odd jobs, you name it. All I've really wanted, all this time, is to move to New York (my home state!) and basically do exactly what I've been doing here: work, live, eat, pay bills, shop, struggle, sleep. I long to wander the Big Apple, gleaning stories, creating characters, simply doing the whole (admittedly cliche) writer-girl-in-the-big-city thing. Clearly I am not the most ambitious person ever, or I would have been doing all of this yesterday. Perhaps I would have spent the past few years in grad school, honing my writing skills, ready to tackle the job market anew. I don't mean to whine, as I am grateful for my current desk job, which helps me pay those student loans bills and credit card debt. But I'm not kidding myself-- I want something more.

Watching Sarah Jessica Parker's iconic character flounce around in vintage Dior could make any girl crave the big city fashionista lifestyle, true. And while Carrie's taught me plenty about being a fashion risk-taker, she's taught me even more about being a writer.

Some of the best writing advice I've ever received from a college professor was this: "Keep your butt in the chair." That was her admonition to me at graduation, and Carrie, with her desk at the window and Mac at the ready, exemplifies this. She turns her romantic turmoil into crafty columns, and we all love to hear the tales. Carrie, though fictional, is my archetype of the post-modern working writer. And she's working because, hey, go figure, she writes.

Obviously, if I want to "make it" here, there, or anywhere, I have to do the same.

Blonde, brunette, black Mac, white Mac, doesn't matter... We're soulmates.
This is why I need Carrie. I don't need the wardrobe, the brownstone. I don't need Mr. Big (is it just me, or, um, ick?). What I do need is the charsima, the courage, the chutzpah. I need to be just a little bit Carrie. And, oh, a pair of her Manolos couldn't hurt...

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Blog blog blog... Ok, there. I did it. :P

Just kidding.

So. How has everyone been? I hate, hate being absent from my dear little blog. It makes me sad. I was on a bit of a hiatus while I sorted out my professional life, and also battled a nasty virus on my poor little laptop. While I've missed documenting outfits and commenting on this and that, I've been working on lots of little projects, mainly on the job front. I'm working for the environment now (well, the government, really, but I still hope that all my Captain Planet fantasies will be realized). But seriously? I still want to prance around in girlie dresses, write all day in cute little cafes and be Marit Larsen.


But a desk job isn't so bad. The area around my office is really pretty (will post pictures soon!). I live and work near the ocean, so I really can't complain. And now I can [learn to] save money for practical things... like transportation (I still haven't replaced my car), rent, a new/better-working laptop, guitars.... *sigh* Ok, maybe not guitars. Not yet!

Please stay tuned at Ip & Audrey. I've got some fantastic giveaways coming up, from the lovely folks at and L.A. Vintage! I'm truly excited to share this with you. And I promise to catch up with every one of you lovelies, now that my computer is back from the brink!

So let's chat. Hang out. Party? Soon!

More to come...