Thursday, March 17, 2011

Water, water


On Saturday I took a trek to the tip of Cape Cod at Provincetown to gaze at the sea. It is the coldest, deepest part of the ocean I have seen on this coast. The waves crashed violently as the wind howled, icy, still, for March. I scanned the horizon for an end in sight; silly me, there is none.

So easily and so often, I am struck by the powerful force of nature. Cold, unrelenting, unstoppable. As beautiful as it is frightening. I am humbled by its vastness and awed by its majesty. It makes me feel so small, and well aware that everything around me could be struck, shaken, crumbled, vanished in an instant.

My mind and heart is with the people of Japan. I may be far away, distance-wise, from their tragedy, but I am keeping their pain and sorrow close. As I gaze at my calmer coast, I can only imagine what they have been through and pray for their stamina and safety. I have yet to go over there but I will soon and, when I do, I want to help.

Here, you can view the Boston Globe's coverage of last Friday's earthquake and tsunami. Or watch the chilling footage, below.

And if you feel compelled, please offer Japan your help, here.


There is always hope.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Best of the Web Award!

I'm excited and honored to announce that Ip & Audrey is the recipient of a new award: Careers in Fashion is bestowing its Best of the Web award for Ip & Audrey's green fashion coverage.

Top Fashion Schools


This is an amazing honor and I couldn't be more thrilled for my little fashion blog! Thanks to all of your for your continued support. Let's party!