Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ip & Audrey needs you!

... Okay, really quick: Know how I wrote about Earth Day last week? Well, now I'm working on an eco story for Green Cotton, and want to conduct a quick survey amongst fellow fashion bloggers: How did you commemorate Earth Day, and how do you go green every day? You can sound off here in the comments, or re-tweet my Twitter poll @erincathleen, whatever you like!

My good gal pal Jess shared that she "recycled and watched episodes of Captain Planet" (Awesome). I wore my vintage Earth Day 1972 tee, ate some tasty organic food, and made sure to bring my Sigg bottle to work! Generally, I try to be a little greener every day by recycling everything I accumulate (we people generate a LOT of stuff!), toting my water bottle, bringing my own coffee to work, and trying to take shorter showers... I'm actually planning to cut my hair to save shampooing time (well, and because shorter hair is more convenient anyway!). I am also looking into greener transportation (my car died and since then I've borrowed my dad's truck, which is a gas guzzler) and a greener laptop (love the new Sony Vaio Eco Edition!). But for now I'll stay eco simply by using what I've got.

So, if you've got something to share.... you know what to do!

Now I'm off to finish my evening's work... and then unwind with some serious Glee/The Hills/The City giddiness. Eee!

Though nothing is quite as good as this...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth to... yeah, you know

Earth to you! April 22 is Earth Day's 40th birthday, people! So go out there and do something awesome for the environment, m'kay? Plant a tree, or a seed, or recycle a whole bunch of stuff, or donate your old stuff somewhere, or buy some organic what-not... you get the picture. In the past, I've listed some detailed green-er suggestions, but I think we've all heard enough of the "turn the faucet off when you're brushing your teeth" mumbo jumbo. We know going eco is truly a lifestyle, though all of those smart little habits certainly add up. So don't stop! Do one green thing greener, and we'll all help the green movement keep... ah, moving. :)

Oh, I've got some news. It's happened in a blink, but I started a new job this week (and at an environmental agency, natch). It's full-time, so that means I've got less blogging and writing time in general, but now I can pay some big bills and start my run-away-to-Paris-fund (oh, wouldn't it be nice? Le sigh). I still have grandiose evil plans to one day work as a full-time writer (novelist, fingers crossed), so this is but a stepping stone to achieving a bigger goal. One day, perhaps, I will have achieved Carrie Bradshaw-ness, then, and only then, will I rest!


Um. Anyway.

So... photos! These were taken a few weeks ago following Boston's Down to Earth Sustainable Living Expo (lovingly called "d2e"). I reported on it for Green Cotton, but these are just my personal pics taken in the Boston Commons on what turned out to be a very green day, indeed.

Oh, and by the way, I happened to be wearing an organic/eco-friendly dress... this is made from organic cotton and bamboo!

Roberta Oaks "Rudi" dress, Jute & Jackfruit
Apt. 9 lace tights, Kohl's
Pewter PVC ballet flats, Old Navy
Olive sunglasses, Loft

Go forth and be green! Peace.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello from my neighborhood...

So nice to see sun, blue sky and beautiful beach again, after weeks of rain and... flooding!

Anyone for an underwater picnic?

Gap denim jacket
Old navy striped top and floral tote
Loft patterned shorts and sunglasses
Charlotte Russe necklace
Payless wedges

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Favorite things: Spring

It's that time again... time for warmth, flowers and all things green! April is one of my favorite months (though this year, March wasn't too shabby either), and this one is going to be especially fabulous. Here are a few things I'm currently enjoying or looking forward to...

Gorgeous May Glamour girls! (See Whit, LC, Lo, above, and Lea, below.)

Which also means... the return of Glee! The City! And the end of The Hills! Oh, my!

Glee returns on April 13th. The City and The Hills are back on the 27th. That same day, the author who arguably inspired said girlie reality shows debuts a new young adult novel-- the origin story of fierce fashionista Carrie Bradshaw!

Click here to read an exclusive excerpt!

I cannot wait to read this. I'll temper the wait time by listening to the latest Zooey Deschanel/M. Ward offering, She & Him Vol. 2.

Also in the retro-sixties spirit... Boho magazine's Parisian-inspired spring fashion issue. Love the nod to Brigitte Bardot!

I'm also loving Zara's spring/summer '10 look book. I would live in these muted, utilitarian-but-girlie clothes. Everything is so flippin' cute!

One last thing to love about April? Earth Day! Yes, it should be Earth Day every day, and here I talk about going green as a lifestyle... it's in my job description! But this year is notable because it's the official Earth Day's 40th Anniversary! Do you do anything special to observe Earth Day? Share your thoughts/tips/stories here!

In just a few days, I'll be heading to Boston's Down 2 Earth to cover an amazing all-green expo! I'm reporting for Jute & Jackfruit. Stay tuned for pics and interviews!

How are you celebrating spring's arrival so far?