Saturday, March 24, 2012

March loves

Springtime is in the air... or should I say summer? I don't know about your corner of the world, but in mine, it's been downright balmy. And I say, bring it. We've had an exceptionally mild winter. I've kept most of my itchy sweaters and clunky boots stashed... and I prefer to keep them that way. Break out the bare legs and ballet flats... here's to an early spring!

A few things I'm loving right now...

Lace dresses + sparkly shoes

Lavender polish...Lavender macarons. Mmm...

Robin's egg blue

Nautical-chicA good listen...

A good read.

A frilly apron...

And vegan eats!

Last, but not least, a yummy treat! (This stuff is so good, it's insane!)

These are some of my picks for early spring. What are yours?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh Taylor, my Taylor

To me, musical instruments are like fashion accessories. For one thing, they can be expensive; the higher the quality, like handbags - obviously - the higher the price. And the right guitar can really make your outfit.For as long as I've been playing guitar (almost 18 years now! goodness!), I have longed to own a Taylor. Think of it as the musical equivalent of a quilted Chanel bag: gorgeous, stylish, classic, timeless. Taylor guitars are quite simply the best, in my opinion; you simply can't rival the feel and the sound. They're often made from Indian rosewood (doesn't that sound lovely?) and emit a warm, folksy tone. This is why they're often favored by country musicians:

Taylor probably gets free Taylors since her name is Taylor. Hate her.

Alas, I'm not a big fan of this Taylor. I prefer her Norwegian equivalent, Marit Larsen, who also plays Taylors. In fact, I saw Marit last month at Cambridge's Club Passim; she walked right by me carrying her Taylor in one hand, a mug of beer in another. And she was dressed in classy, head-to-toe black and white. Chanel would approve.

Marit Larsen, totally playing a Taylor.

This year, at the ripe old age of 27 (going on 28!), it's my goal to finally own one of these beauties. I have my eye on several different Taylor models. I won't bore you with the details, but trust me; they're all equally decadent and sheer joy to play.

Me with my Ibanez guitar, circa 2004, 2005. Sadly, not a Taylor.

For the price of my favorite Taylor, I could buy a brand new Chanel bag; or several dresses from Anthropologie; or pay off my car; or a student loan (blah). I will probably go with a lower-end model (happy tax return!), but Taylors are wonderful in that even the "entry-level" versions sound better than many higher-end guitars. They're just that good.

Like a good knockoff bag, cheap guitars still look pretty. Shhh.

Anything will sound better than my current guitar, which squeaks annoyingly as I slide up and down the fretboard. I prefer an instrument that's going to sing right along with me. Recently, I took my first vacation in my new reporter job, and I spent nearly the entire week trying out Taylors in various music stores. Heaven. It may seem like a waste of precious vacay time to some, but I'd do it all over again.

The dress: a $5 steal from Gap. The guitar? A $25 steal from a yard sale. I kid you not.

I will keep you posted on my quest for my dream Taylor... sigh. Next up? My search for the perfect non-leather tote... that is big enough hold all of my stuff - reporter's notebooks, pens, recorder, press pass, makeup bag - durable enough to throw down anywhere, and somehow looks, feels, and generally behaves like leather. Impossible? I beg to differ. I'm hitting up Aldo, H&M, Fossil, Modcloth and Macy's to compare and contrast. Any other destinations I should try? I'd love to know your suggestions... sound off in the comments!