Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The City: a hairstory.

I confess-- I'm more than a little obsessed with hair. And I'm not even embarrassed to admit that I'm also obsessed with The City. It's no wonder, then, that I'm captivated by the various hairstyles the cast sports each week. I tune in to see how Whitney will top off her goldilocks (crocheted flower headband or Renaissance fair-esque headdress? Dilemma!), ogle Olivia's perfectly curled and highlighted coif, and wonder whether Erin is going to top off her amazing bangs with a bizarre feather headband or just leave 'em be. Really, the suspense is just exhausting.But I do relate to the girls on this show, twentysomethings who are trying to "make it" in the fashion world (though most of them were born wealthy or do modeling to pay the bills...). I may not have grown up in L.A. or NY's Upper East Side, nor do I work for a famous fashion designer, but I still feel a special connection. But why?!? When I was watching Monday night's episode, I finally figured it out. I was shocked and awed to realize that, at one point or another, I have donned every hairstyle of each female "character" on The City. That's right-- every single one. Don't think that's remarkable? Read on...

Like Whitney, I once had long, dark blonde hair that I wore in wavy layers...

I also shared her penchant for scruffy Australian dudes:

I've sported blunt bangs, à la Erin...

Fitting that we also share the same name! Erins are inherenlty fabulous. Of course.

But eventually I grew the bangs out. Then I dyed my hair a slightly darker light brown ("caramel mocha," my Aveda stylist dubbed it), which shimmered with golden highlights...

... just like the coveted coif of Olivia Palermo:

This, however, turned out to be a mistake-- I asked for "chocolate brown," not mocha. So I marched back to Aveda for some serious hair repair. I ended up with delicously chocolate-hued tresses......much like those of The City's Allie:

Amazing! Right? Or am I just too easily amused? To see some truly inspiring hairstyles, check out The City. And now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go hack my hair off...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Think pink.

Oh, Natalie. I don't know whether I love you or hate you. On the one hand, I think you're a gorgeous, talented and super-smart actress, and this is certainly reflected in your sartorial choices. On the other... you make me feel seriously unaccomplished. And under-dressed.

But can you blame me for watching the Academy Awards and blogging in my pajamas? At least they're pink! And, truthfully, I love your gown selection. In a sea of black, white and beige, this orchid-hued Rodarte will easily shoot you to the top of every Best Dressed list. I have a feeling we'll soon be seeing plenty of pink copycats.

And speaking of pink...

Natalie, a vegan and animal-loving green gal, would love Pink Body, Victoria's Secret new range of beauty products. Each item, from body lotion to tinted lip balm, is all-natural, organic and vegan. That's right. I can't believe Vicky's gone vegan! I hope this is just one step toward greening the popular lingerie and cosmetics empire.

And I'm sure Nat approves!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fashion Weak?

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009

Hello, friends. It's been a little while. I've been on an unplanned hiatus in New York. I wish I could say I was there dutifully covering fashion week for Green Cotton. Alas, I was taking care of sick/injured grandparents. :( They're mending now, and I'm back home, sipping decaf espresso and perusing the Fall 2009 collections.

Sad to say, I'm not as amazed as I was last Fashion Week. Maybe it's the whole "recession-chic" thing. It's making me feel so... blah. Marc Jacobs was all, "It's like the eighties all over again, and the eighties were the best! Remember when all the poor, creative types could actually afford to live in the city? Those times are upon us again! Yayness!"

Marc Jacobs Fall 1985. Whoops, 2009. Welcome back, the eighties. We've missed you. And your shoulder pads.

I mean, sure, the eighties were fun and all (for those of us who were too busy playing My Little Pony and singing "Me and my friends are Jem girls!" to notice said recession), but still. There are plenty of us poor, creative types who cannot afford to live in the city. And I'm tired of all this must-scale-down-Fashion-Week-opulence-and-observe-These-Economic-Times. Stop that! It's depressing. Not that I could ever afford to buy non-recessionista items on my student/freelance writer budget anyway, but I want to dream! Because one day I will lounge in DVF wrap dresses by day, flounce in Oscar de la Renta by night, and dance in sky-high Abaeté heels - and not just the ones from Payless, either!

Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame!

But some dreams do come true. I never thought I'd see the day when Barbie ...

And a Spice Girl...

Victoria Beckham Fall 2009

... would both have New York Fashion Week shows. That's it, darlings. Dream big!

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