Sunday, August 17, 2008

Since when did beanies get eco-chic?

Can you believe it's almost hat season... already? When the weather gets a wee bit chilly, I'm going to sport one of these cotton-acrylic beanies from American Apparel. The best part - aside from the fact that they come in assorted colors and are unisex, natch! - is that each beanie is made from recycled fabric, even the dyed ones, which totally cuts down on waste and manufacturing. So cute, and ecologically responsible. So how 'bout buying one for you...And your man, too. :) Aww.


Emily said...

i'm liking these! it'd be nice if the color assortment was larger - i'd totally get a green one. however, the heather gray is nice too.

Nicole said...

i am also really enjoying these! i can't decide between the teal or gray either, it'd be great if they did like a mint or purple-y color. of course, the main draw is the beautifully soft recycled cotton that is so eco-friendly, but the light price tag of 16 dollars is a plus too!