Monday, December 29, 2008

Renewed, Re-Tooled, Re-Styled! A New Ip & Aud

New Year, new look! Ip & Aud has been on a bit of a hiatus for the holidays, but I'm itching to blog again. But before I do, there's going to be a little redesign! Since I started fashion blogging this past summer, I've covered the eco-fashion beat from just about every angle, from hot eco-fashion designers to natural beauty products to the launch of fashion's first all-green 'zine.

But I've been meaning to keep up a style blog all this time, intending to start a sister site called Fashiontown and track my adventures in vintage and thrift shopping. Well, with all my other blogging, Fashiontown never came to be... so I'm bringing it all here! It seems smart to have all my fashion fun in one place, after all, and I'm a fan of a simple style aesthetic. Starting now, you'll see it all here...Meaning: I'll be posting outfits. Lots and lots of my fun, bohemian-yet-preppy, "Grandma-chic" finds. Wee!

Happy New Year!

Above: Sweater dress, gift. Scarf, The Gap. Belt, Forever 21. Bag, Simply Vera by Vera Wang. Beaded cuff, Wet Seal. Tights, Target. Boots, vintage Frye.


Emily said...

love you, love this look!
i've still been thinking about our team blog. let's continue to mull over ideas.

Fashionista0921 said...

Grandma chic- fun!

I love boho and i even purchased a fashionably chic green book- totally though of you with the purchase.

I have been keeping up with the blogging and its been great- i love it and i have been getting myself out there with the fashion scene here in Pittsburgh.

I never got any feedback from the class, hm..

hope all is well and keep up the blogging!!