Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back at the core

Marit Larsen, pixie-like songbird from Norway (I'm a devoted fan), has re-released her 2006 single "Under the Surface" with a stunning new music video. The presentation is dark and ethereal, much moodier than the video's first treatment in 2006, which brimmed with quirkiness and surrealism. Marit's new take is less avant-garde, more fairytale-esque.

Plus, her hair is much cooler now. Just saying.

The scenery is lush and Marit - in her demure, shimmering blue dress and retro sixties bangs - is simply sparkling. Lush and sparkling... two words that exactly describe her music. Watch Marit take a little fall down the rabbit hole...

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Lexie said...

i love new songbird suggestions. thank you for posting!