Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Favorite things: Spring

It's that time again... time for warmth, flowers and all things green! April is one of my favorite months (though this year, March wasn't too shabby either), and this one is going to be especially fabulous. Here are a few things I'm currently enjoying or looking forward to...

Gorgeous May Glamour girls! (See Whit, LC, Lo, above, and Lea, below.)

Which also means... the return of Glee! The City! And the end of The Hills! Oh, my!

Glee returns on April 13th. The City and The Hills are back on the 27th. That same day, the author who arguably inspired said girlie reality shows debuts a new young adult novel-- the origin story of fierce fashionista Carrie Bradshaw!

Click here to read an exclusive excerpt!

I cannot wait to read this. I'll temper the wait time by listening to the latest Zooey Deschanel/M. Ward offering, She & Him Vol. 2.

Also in the retro-sixties spirit... Boho magazine's Parisian-inspired spring fashion issue. Love the nod to Brigitte Bardot!

I'm also loving Zara's spring/summer '10 look book. I would live in these muted, utilitarian-but-girlie clothes. Everything is so flippin' cute!

One last thing to love about April? Earth Day! Yes, it should be Earth Day every day, and here I talk about going green as a lifestyle... it's in my job description! But this year is notable because it's the official Earth Day's 40th Anniversary! Do you do anything special to observe Earth Day? Share your thoughts/tips/stories here!

In just a few days, I'll be heading to Boston's Down 2 Earth to cover an amazing all-green expo! I'm reporting for Jute & Jackfruit. Stay tuned for pics and interviews!

How are you celebrating spring's arrival so far?


Lexie said...

yay spring! i never dug the whole pseudo reality shows, but i do love she & him and SATC!

Emily said...

So cute! Now I'm excited for spring, too.

V said...

I love your taste!

Bostonista said...

I still can't decide if I love the idea of the Carrie diaries or if I hate it. I'd read Candice Bushnell's original book of essays that the show is based on & its fantastic but I'm worried this new book series will somehow ruin it all!