Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flower child

guitar matches dress
Maybe it's the dwindling down of summer (or are we at the peak?). Maybe it's the light, whimsical sensations drifting through the air. Or maybe it's because I'm just really pleased with my garden and can't help showing it off... whatever it is, I'm currently obsessed with all things floral. If I were doing some in-house decorating right now, everything, from the bedspread to the curtains and wallpaper, would turn out very quaint, dainty, and decidedly English. Perhaps one day I'll have my own picturesque little cottage to doll up as I please.

For now, I'll just bedeck myself in all the florals I can stand!

sweet song

Fun fact: I snatched this maxi from Gap a few weeks back (yup, it's the same as my white one) for a mere $4.99 (latte money!) with a promotional coupon-- it was already marked down with an additional 40% off, and I used a $10 off coupon on top of that. Score!

floral maxi

You know I love to shop, but lately I won't bite unless it's an insanely good deal. Nifty-thrifty finds fit in perfectly with my newfound shabby-chic aesthetic... This dress is not only cute, but super-soft and comfy. If it weren't so pretty, it might just get converted into a nightie. At that price, I should have bought two!

with the band

So tell me... What's been your biggest shopping score this summer?

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Emily said...

Ah, so this is the dress! Very pretty. Gotta love a great deal :)

Hmm. I think it might be fun to frolic around in floral dresses accompanied by your guitar! Let's add that to our ever-growing list of things to do.

Raquel said...

ahh I just bought a floral dress yesterday, so I can say I am still obsessed over florals too :)
you look lovely in that dress, I wish I could wear long dresses.

Jen said...

i'm definitely obsessed with florals lately as well. i love these pictures and that maxi fits you perfectly :)

Anonymous said...

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Ariella said...

You look darling in that dress :) Absolutely like a little hippie girl with her guitar (do you play well, by the way?) - so sweet!

Elaine said...

That dress is beautiful! I love the bohemian flair with the brown belt and guitar :D

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