Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things to Love: October

It's fall! Let's give a cheer! I simply will not stop gushing that my favorite season is here. So if you grow weary of it... sorry! I am proud to be a fall baby (though I am not looking forward to my next birthday! Ugh! This is officially the year that I start lying about my age...).

So. I'll keep this brief, so I can dash off to StyleFixx's Girls Night Out! Tomorrow I'll probably have a few pictures to share. Today... I'm sharing a few things I'm loving this month:
The best book. I freaked when I realized this was out! I hope the Shopaholic series never ever ends. Ever!Look who else has a fashionista book coming out! Lauren Conrad's style tome (appropriately titled Lauren Conrad Style) actually looks like fun. I'm sure her ghostwriter LC has lots of trendy tips to share!

These awesome Aldo boots. Sorry the picture is so big, but these boots are epic! And they're vegan-friendly, made of canvas and rubber! No leather! I'll bet you couldn't even tell. ^_^ Perfect for thrashing through autumn leaves, don't you think?

Wish I could make this dress picture bigger, for it, too, is epic. I've drooled over this bird print corduroy shirt dress every time I've gone to Anthropologie. It's so sweet, I long to spirit it away! Emily's adorable H&M version is another viable option, and a much more affordable one!

Annnd... Finally...

Ok, so this isn't news. The PSL has been back since September. But who cares? I'm still celebrating.

Happy fall, everyone! Now go have some fun.


Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

"... who cares? I'm still celebrating." Real laugh-out-loud moment right there.

Sorry I never emailed you back about those boots. My goodness, they are epic! If you want some hasty and probably not at all reasonable advice: buy them and don't dwell on the price! Hehe. Or, watch them like a hawk and snag them the moment they go on sale ;)

Oh, that Anthropologie bird & fawn dress is perfect. It made my heart skip a beat the moment I saw it in the catalog. We can dream!

Have fun at the Girls Night Out event. I'm looking forward to your recap post.

P.S. Thanks for the shout-out :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

That print on the dress is really lovely! And I love pumpkin lattes. But they don't do them here in England, which is epically tragic. Especially since this weekend is thanksgiving. Grrr.

Raquel said...

ohh love the boots and wish I could try that latte! it looks so tasty!
hope you have a nice week.

MissNeira said...

I want those aldo boots! they remind me of the Chloe ones

Miss Neira`

Bostonista said...

Yeah the day that pumpkin spice latte comes back is always a great day. But I do hold out until October to get them! I can't wait to read the new Shopaholic book! Becky's adventures always make me laugh and even though the movie was COMPLETELY different I loved that too!!
I recently cleaned out my closet and it was SO emotionally exhausting! But I'm having a closet system installed on Friday so it had to be done! I'm excited for it to be perfectly organized!