Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Best in Faux

As an animal-loving vegetarian, I love it when fashion meets compassion. Luckily for me (and any of you who prefer not to wear animal skins, and love saving a greenback or two), there are more faux fashion options out there than ever. I never have a problem finding great bags or shoes that resemble high-end pieces-- my black Aldo purse with gold hardware is so used and abused, it looks just like my mom's broken-in Coach bag, and I live in my faux-leather western booties from Zara! I could easily gush over wallet/animal-friendly finds enough to fill an entire website. But for simplicity's sake, today I'm going to focus on bags from two savvy online retailers. Here are a few of my favorite fall/winter beauties that will help hold your stuff and keep your outfits looking hot when temperatures drop!

This versatile plaid bag from reminds me of one from L.L. Bean, but the slouchy shape makes it a bit more fashion-forward. It's still every bit as functionable as a sturdy tote, but the gold details keep it chic! You won't be mistaken for a lumberjack with this!

Ruche also sells this structured tote for the business profashional. But the Debriefing bag isn't strictly business; the braided handle and twist-turn lock add a vintage, feminine vibe. Perfect for work or weekend!

It-Brit online retailer Asos finally launched its U.S. site last month and, boy, are we lucky! In addition to offering up-to-the-minute fashions at sweet prices, it has a fantastic accessories section. The Maisey Patent bag by Paul's Boutique has been seen on the likes of Leona Lewis, who is a vegan and known for eschewing animal materials. This bag is available is many colors, but I love this winter white; the nude shade will work well into spring and summer, too. And the colorful charms are too cute to resist!

Lastly, feast your eyes on this Asos Faux Ostrich Lady Bag. This reminds me of one Urban Outfitters sold last year, but I think this pick is even more sophisticated. This tote will lend polish to work and casual ensembles and, in a classic camel color, will never go out of style. Plus you can feel good sporting a rockin' bag and knowing that no actual ostriches were harmed for the sake of style!

Just so you know, no one paid me to blog about these purses; these are just my latest faves/wish list items. I hope to purchase something like one of these in the near future, but always look for vintage, thrifted or eco-friendly versions first (and while faux leather bags are animal-free, their materials are not always good for Mama Earth!). Tell me, where are your favorite places to nab accessories? And how do you feel about real vs. faux?

Next time, we'll get back to discussing our great debate: moisturizer! Evil zit-maker or sacred face-saver? You decide!


Lexie, Little Boat said...

the only thing that makes me raise an eyebrow about "vegan leather" is that from what i've heard the process to make "vegan leather" (often PVC) is very environmentally unsound ... which kind of defeats the purpose of buying some vegan in the first place. ahh, ethical dilemmas!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

To be honest, I'm still a leather shoes and bags person, though I would never wear fur (even vintage fur). I'm not sure where exactly the moral distinction lies, except that I already eat animals, and I know the leather goods are made from animals raised for their hides and hrmm, they're not endagered and... basically, I do prefer leather for these items because it has such a huge effect on the quality usually.

I'd be interested to see which bag you buy though!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I generally tend to favor leather goods for their quality, but that's not to say I don't buy faux-leather items. Sometimes it's just more realistic budget-wise. Still, when one looks at either side, real vs. faux, it's not all that pretty. For me, I just find myself saying ''to each their own.''

You certainly highlighted some lovely bags here. I can easily see you sporting the Asos faux ostrich bag. Keep me updated as to your decision! Speaking of Asos, I did not know they launched a US site. Good to know.

P.S. Your comment gave me a good chuckle. You know me and my New England complex. So close yet so far, speaking in regional terms ;)

Raquel said...

i really appreciate you writing this, though I still chose leather bags and shoes instead of polyurethane ones, if made properly, they can last a lifetime so that's also and investment, we don't need 50 leather bags, just 2 or 3 are perfectly fine right?? though I own some "faux leather" bags and shoes of course!! they are way cheaper, though now I'm tying to put quality and longevity first!! :)

oh and I really like the snow white bag from asos! :)