Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh Taylor, my Taylor

To me, musical instruments are like fashion accessories. For one thing, they can be expensive; the higher the quality, like handbags - obviously - the higher the price. And the right guitar can really make your outfit.For as long as I've been playing guitar (almost 18 years now! goodness!), I have longed to own a Taylor. Think of it as the musical equivalent of a quilted Chanel bag: gorgeous, stylish, classic, timeless. Taylor guitars are quite simply the best, in my opinion; you simply can't rival the feel and the sound. They're often made from Indian rosewood (doesn't that sound lovely?) and emit a warm, folksy tone. This is why they're often favored by country musicians:

Taylor probably gets free Taylors since her name is Taylor. Hate her.

Alas, I'm not a big fan of this Taylor. I prefer her Norwegian equivalent, Marit Larsen, who also plays Taylors. In fact, I saw Marit last month at Cambridge's Club Passim; she walked right by me carrying her Taylor in one hand, a mug of beer in another. And she was dressed in classy, head-to-toe black and white. Chanel would approve.

Marit Larsen, totally playing a Taylor.

This year, at the ripe old age of 27 (going on 28!), it's my goal to finally own one of these beauties. I have my eye on several different Taylor models. I won't bore you with the details, but trust me; they're all equally decadent and sheer joy to play.

Me with my Ibanez guitar, circa 2004, 2005. Sadly, not a Taylor.

For the price of my favorite Taylor, I could buy a brand new Chanel bag; or several dresses from Anthropologie; or pay off my car; or a student loan (blah). I will probably go with a lower-end model (happy tax return!), but Taylors are wonderful in that even the "entry-level" versions sound better than many higher-end guitars. They're just that good.

Like a good knockoff bag, cheap guitars still look pretty. Shhh.

Anything will sound better than my current guitar, which squeaks annoyingly as I slide up and down the fretboard. I prefer an instrument that's going to sing right along with me. Recently, I took my first vacation in my new reporter job, and I spent nearly the entire week trying out Taylors in various music stores. Heaven. It may seem like a waste of precious vacay time to some, but I'd do it all over again.

The dress: a $5 steal from Gap. The guitar? A $25 steal from a yard sale. I kid you not.

I will keep you posted on my quest for my dream Taylor... sigh. Next up? My search for the perfect non-leather tote... that is big enough hold all of my stuff - reporter's notebooks, pens, recorder, press pass, makeup bag - durable enough to throw down anywhere, and somehow looks, feels, and generally behaves like leather. Impossible? I beg to differ. I'm hitting up Aldo, H&M, Fossil, Modcloth and Macy's to compare and contrast. Any other destinations I should try? I'd love to know your suggestions... sound off in the comments!


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Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I had a dream that I found a Marit Larsen CD for sale here in some random shop. It was weird and I couldn't make sense of it because in my dream I knew they weren't available in the US.