Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A moment of synchronicity

Yesterday I wore my favorite black skinny pants to work. It was a muggy day here in New England, and these pants are better suited for spring or fall, but I was having one of those too-sleepy-so-I-dressed-in-the-dark kind of mornings and just pulled on the closest clean pair I could find. By lunchtime it was sweltering. I hightailed it to my favorite coffeeshop, rolling my car windows way down and pretending I had air conditioning, dreaming of an almond iced coffee with soy milk. Hmmmm. The pants felt tight. I absentmindedly wondered: What would Audrey do? Surely it was hot when she danced in skinny pants for her beatnik scene in Funny Face. I needed to suck it up. Beauty is pain, all that.

'Besides,' I thought, sliding on my knock-off designer sunglasses, 'I can channel Audrey Hepburn today. I am Audrey Hepburn. After all, I'm wearing the "Audrey" skinny black pant the Gap featured in their 2006 "Back in Black" ad. If that's the closest I can get today, in this nasty heat, to being Audrey-chic, then so be it.'

After a ten minute drive, I'd reached my destination. I skipped across the parking lot, consumed by thoughts of coffeecoffeecoffee. And then I skipped right past a white van. The men inside were blaring AC/DC. "Back in Black."

Channeling Audrey, indeed!


Emily said...

Your writing makes me smile. As do coffee and skinny pants (though sadly I never did buy the "Audrey" skinny black pant from the Gap).

Nicole said...

ah! my favorite Gap ad ever! thanks for the reminder and video link.