Friday, July 18, 2008

Vogue's venture into reality; September magazine cover spoilers

Vogue, the mother of all fashion magazines, is joining the fashion reality TV show craze. You know you saw it coming... ever since Teen Vogue opened their doors to MTV's The Hills, I've wondered when - not if - their mama mag would follow suit. According to the Wall Street Journal, it's coming soon, all right; Vogue's "Model.Live" launches on-demand on starting August 19. The show is segmented into 12 8-minute episodes which track the careers of three handpicked models as they navigate fashion weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan. It's a clever new way to advertise; Vogue made a deal with Express LLC. The chosen models will be outfitted in Express clothing, and interested fashionistas watching the show will be able to click a link and buy the featured fashions, or visit to see how to create similar ensembles. This is a big step for Express; it's their biggest marketing investment in over a decade. Whew! Let's see if pairing up with the high-end likes of Vogue bodes well for the retail company.

In other (fashion) news, WWD spilled the beans on who's going to grace the covers of September's fashion magazines. For those of you who can't wait for them to hit newsstands, they are as follows:

Vogue: Keira Knightley
Glamour: Penelope Cruz
W: Kate Hudson
InStyle: Uma Thurman (Check out the August issue, featuring Rihanna, for the magazine's exciting new redesign! There's an article in there I'm dying to read on Rachel Bilson's new clothing line for DKNY-- that's right, the pint-sized fashion-icon-in-training already has a clothing line!)
Cosmopolitan: Blake Lively (No doubt this is to promote her summer flick and the return of Gossip Girl-- hmmm, ya think her show is really targeted toward adult audiences?!? Golly gee! Wouldn't Teen Vogue or CosmoGirl! have been more appropriate?)
Teen Vogue: Vanessa Hudgens (Didn't we just see her on a mag cov- oh, wait. Yes. CosmoGirl! How about some variety?)
Allure: Carrie Underwood (I'm still psyched over Victoria Beckham's natural look in this month's issue.)
Elle: Jessica Simpson (A little country competition for Carrie?)

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