Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sarah Palin Speaks Up About Her Spiffy Wardrobe

After enduring weeks of criticism, Governor Sarah Palin finally addressed one annoyingly pressing campaign issue: her wardrobe. In light of the economic crisis, people across party lines were infuriated after hearing that Palin's designer clothes reportedly cost the Republican National Committee $150,000. Whaaat? Did our tax dollars support her Neiman Marcus runs?

Of course, some of the swirling rumors were likely just that-- rumors. Sure, Palin had a stylist and some gorgeous ensembles, but on Fox News yesterday she raised a valid point: why isn't anyone talking about the Democrats and their campaign clothes? We know Michelle Obama has sported a few recession-friendly outfits, including her fab H&M dress and moderately-priced J. Crew look. But what about her election night earrings, said to be worth $11,000? And how about that one outfit Cindy McCain donned that cost more than a house?!? Seriously, Cindy-- for one outfit?

In light of that, I'd say $150 K is actually a conservative number [According to Palin, it was far lower than that, and also included clothing for all eight of her family members]. Just think of all the hard-working [Cough!] celebrities and all the crazy-expensive clothes they parade around in daily while the rest of us are scrounging for change so we can score designer stuff at Target!

So I'd like to say, on the matter of Sarah Palin's did-she-or-didn't-she shopping sprees: DROP IT. Enough is enough already! Let's reign it in and re-focus: we're still in the midst of a recession, an energy crisis, a war on two fronts, and have just witnessed one of the craziest - and most historic - elections ever! America's got a lot of work ahead, which creates plenty of opportunities for greatness. So let's not bicker and argue about who shopped where and who styled who!

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