Thursday, November 6, 2008

Skyrocketing Sales for Eco-Chic Makeup

Spending may have decreased due to the recession, but customers prove they are still committed to shopping for affordable, quality makeup. Physician's Formula, one of my favorite brands, is flourishing, despite the economic crisis. WWD reports that this season's profits are up to $1.7 million, a huge jump from $102,000 at the same time last year. That's quite a leap!

Their new Organic Wear line may have something to do with it. This year the brand debuted the nation's first 100% organic natural origin makeup line with certified organic materials. Each product is free of harsh chemicals, fragrances and parabens, and is also cruelty-free. That makes for a 100% eco-friendly product, right down to the recycled paper packaging!

Physician's Formula, a leader in the bronzer market, also sells mineral makeup and retro-chic compacts, mascaras and more. It's encouraging to see such a great company, committed to environmental consciousness, thrive in a disappointing financial season. Why not support the brand (and boost the economy!) by picking up one of their gorgeous green products? Your skin will thank you, too!

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Emily said...

I've always wanted to try Physician's Formula products. I'll admit that the packaging & the look of the products caught my attention ;) I'm going to have to check out their new Organic Wear line. I'm not big on makeup, but there are some things a girl just needs!

P.S. The recipe is simple. I used Bisquick and just added my heart's content worth of cinnamon to the batter. Mmm, cinnamon! ;) The honey and maple syrup went on after I cooked the pancakes.