Sunday, February 22, 2009

Think pink.

Oh, Natalie. I don't know whether I love you or hate you. On the one hand, I think you're a gorgeous, talented and super-smart actress, and this is certainly reflected in your sartorial choices. On the other... you make me feel seriously unaccomplished. And under-dressed.

But can you blame me for watching the Academy Awards and blogging in my pajamas? At least they're pink! And, truthfully, I love your gown selection. In a sea of black, white and beige, this orchid-hued Rodarte will easily shoot you to the top of every Best Dressed list. I have a feeling we'll soon be seeing plenty of pink copycats.

And speaking of pink...

Natalie, a vegan and animal-loving green gal, would love Pink Body, Victoria's Secret new range of beauty products. Each item, from body lotion to tinted lip balm, is all-natural, organic and vegan. That's right. I can't believe Vicky's gone vegan! I hope this is just one step toward greening the popular lingerie and cosmetics empire.

And I'm sure Nat approves!


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