Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fashion Weak?

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009

Hello, friends. It's been a little while. I've been on an unplanned hiatus in New York. I wish I could say I was there dutifully covering fashion week for Green Cotton. Alas, I was taking care of sick/injured grandparents. :( They're mending now, and I'm back home, sipping decaf espresso and perusing the Fall 2009 collections.

Sad to say, I'm not as amazed as I was last Fashion Week. Maybe it's the whole "recession-chic" thing. It's making me feel so... blah. Marc Jacobs was all, "It's like the eighties all over again, and the eighties were the best! Remember when all the poor, creative types could actually afford to live in the city? Those times are upon us again! Yayness!"

Marc Jacobs Fall 1985. Whoops, 2009. Welcome back, the eighties. We've missed you. And your shoulder pads.

I mean, sure, the eighties were fun and all (for those of us who were too busy playing My Little Pony and singing "Me and my friends are Jem girls!" to notice said recession), but still. There are plenty of us poor, creative types who cannot afford to live in the city. And I'm tired of all this must-scale-down-Fashion-Week-opulence-and-observe-These-Economic-Times. Stop that! It's depressing. Not that I could ever afford to buy non-recessionista items on my student/freelance writer budget anyway, but I want to dream! Because one day I will lounge in DVF wrap dresses by day, flounce in Oscar de la Renta by night, and dance in sky-high Abaeté heels - and not just the ones from Payless, either!

Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame!

But some dreams do come true. I never thought I'd see the day when Barbie ...

And a Spice Girl...

Victoria Beckham Fall 2009

... would both have New York Fashion Week shows. That's it, darlings. Dream big!

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Fashionista0921 said...

I know me too! I dont know how i feel about the 80's coming back again this hardcore.

If we are stepping back in the 80's, lets use vintage- tres green!

Emily said...

Oh, shoulder pads! I just thrifted a dress that needs to undergo shoulder pad surgery ;)

Emily said...

I just checked out Victoria Beckham's Fall 2009 line. I'm really liking the sophistication of it all :)