Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Another Earth Day is upon us, and I feel like there's a lot of great green buzz out there... so much so that we seem to hear and care about going green every day, not just once a year. But Earth Day is still a great time to consider the planet and what we can do to give back. Usually I like to do something big on Earth Day, like plant trees or organize a neighborhood trash pick-up. Sadly, I have to work today, and the gray, rainy weather makes spending my Earth Day outdoors rather difficult. But we all know that it's not all about doing something big-- helping the earth is all about the little things.

The eco-fashion site I blog for, Green Cotton, has tons of great eco-friendly tips, tricks and trends. So if you're looking for some fresh, going green ideas, it's a great place to start. Here, just a few of my suggestions for how to have a happy Earth Day, indoors or out!

If it isn't raining where you are (or you don't mind a little precipitation), head out for a relaxing bike ride, or swap your car for your bike when running errands around time. Not only will the earth thank you for saving some carbon emissions, you'll get a great workout to boot!

Today, you can even go green at the movie theater. Disney's new eco-aware movie "Earth" hits theatres today. The imagery is lush and gorgeous, and the baby animals are almost too cute to stand. Go check it out!

If you're not an avid recycler, what better day to start? You can get blue recycling bins from places like Office Depot. Ikea has some really great stackable bins that blend right in with your storage shelves. Sorting your recyclables is a good way to help out and keep your carbon footprint tiny!

Today's also a great time to try an organic, eco-friendly beauty product if you never have. I've recommended Alba for cleansers, toners, moisturizers and more. Physician's Formula makes gorgeous and sweetly-packaged all-natural make-up. If you've got a slightly bigger beauty budget, you can try Cargo's PlantLove lipstick, which comes in a compostable lipstick case made from corn. Even the box is plantable: stick it in the ground, and it grows wildflowers!

If you've been dying to check out some chic eco-fashions, Jute & Jackfruit has some gorgeous green finds. Shopping for sweet spring dresses? Try one made from organic cotton or bamboo! You'll love the luxe softness and will feel good about making an earth-friendly shopping choice. The newest styles from Kelly Lane are especially beautiful.

No time to plant trees? How about starting a little herb garden in your windowsill? If you're more ambitious and have quite the green thumb, then you know planting season is almost upon us. Now's a great time to get planters and start your veggie, herb or flower garden indoors. In May, when you're pretty sure there won't be anymore frost, simply transfer your little planters outside!

My garden is starting to peep up. The pictures I'm sharing today are of my lovely little flowers. I highly recommend starting a garden, if you haven't already. It's a great way to feel connected to the earth and have your own little green space.

What are you doing for Earth Day? I'd love to know how you celebrate our amazing planet!

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