Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer lovin'

Hello, loves. It's been too long since my last post! I took a little hiatus, ended one of my day jobs and started another (now I write, substitute teach, work at a boutique and for eco-fashion sites Green Cotton and Jute & Jackfruit! Busy girl!). But I've really missed blogging here! To get back in the swing of things, I've decided to post my latest obsessions, fashion and otherwise. Here's what I'm loving for Summer '09:

The return of tie-dye! It's funky, free-spirited, and long overdue for a comeback. Lauren Conrad and Ashley Tisdale both wear dresses by Gypsy 05. I scored an adorable one from Ann Taylor Loft and will post some summery beach shots soon!

Ashley's photo makes me crave my favorite warm-weather treat: an iced toffee nut latte (with soy, of course). Trust me, it's the best flavor combo!

And speaking of vegan treats... How about some cute cruelty-free sandals that don't resemble jellies? (Though jellies are still a fun summer staple!) Check out NeuAura, as seen in Boho Magazine and InStyle. These are definitely the most fashion-forward shoes by a vegan company I've ever seen (though I'm also a fan of Mohop's ribbon shoes). Love the totally on-trend cork-metallic combination! Stay tuned: I plan to do a longer review of these shoes for Green Cotton, a follow-up from last summer's post on eco-friendly footwear.

I'm a lifelong Chanel fan, even if the iconic fashion house is far out of my clothing budget (nor do the animal-skin accessories jive with my ahimsa ethics/aesthetic). So I was floored when I found something that exudes that same Chanel chic without the pricetag, or not-so-vegan material. Voila!

This quilted jersey purse from Urban Outfitters would complement every summer ensemble I could muster. Adorable and affordable? Oui, s'il vous plaît!

My summer soundrack: tunes by Japan's all-time number one songstress, Utada Hikaru (ever play Kingdom Hearts? She sang two songs for the video game series). This NYC native layers her shiver-inducing soprano over latin and hip-hop beats, resulting in an addictive mix that will definitely shake up your playlist.

Another addictive import? The anime hit of the summer: K-On!, or Cagayake Girls, a Japanese cartoon about a pop-rock quartet of high school girls. "K-On" comes from "keion," the Japanese term for "light music" (what we would call "pop"). The comedy, cutesy schoolgirl uniforms, the catchy songs... what's not to love? It also reminds me of Sailor Moon (remember, fellow nineties girls?), with musical instruments. K-On! only airs in Japan, but if you're an uber-geek like me, you can find ways to stream it online. And here's a fun fashion tie-in: Danny Choo (heir to the shoe empire of none other than Jimmy Choo!), aka the Tokyo Dance Trooper, blogs all about it, and other fanboy fun, on his amazing website.

When I'm not reliving my childhood with cute cartoons, I'll be indulging in some of my favorite summer activities: vintage shopping (the bag, above, is Givenchy!), and taking peaceful strolls by the water. I hope everyone is enjoying warmer weather and relaxing days. Check back soon for my summer style editorial!


Anderburf said...

Love the shoes! I have found Neuaura brand and some of my other favorites at Vegan Chic http://www.veganchic.com. I have been obsessed with them this summer. I can never resist browsing the handbags too!

PoetryInMotion said...

Did you take the picture at the bottom? I also love the shoes, very classy. I'm not a huge tie-dye fan, although it is growing on me.

PS My current drink of choice at Starbucks is an iced raspberry white mocha. You should try a soy one :)