Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boots to the beach

So there was a gorgeous day this past weekend, the first truly gorgeous, sun-shining, blue sky day in a while, but I was feeling blah. Still, in an effort to evoke the summery day, I slipped on a bright sundress and ventured to the beach. My feet were clad in my emergencies-only, stranded -in-the-frozen-tundra boots, hurting from one too many stiletto-ed weekdays. I had zero plans to appear in any of my photos, but fate (nay, my mother) intervened. She said my boots were "cute." Fugly faux-Uggs only a mother could love. Forgive me, fashionistas, for I have sinned.

Dress, Sunglasses: Ann Taylor Loft
Offending Boots: I've no idea; let us never speak of them again.

For this major faux pas, I beg your pardon, and offer a few scenic shots as penance:

And the following pics are shared simply because I like the weird alien-like glow the sunset lends my face... the closest thing I'll ever have to a tan.

Ah, the hilarity of it all...


Diary of a Young Designer said...

You look so cute!!! Love the pics, I'm a huge beach lover. The boots are super sweet.


Emily said...

Aw, everybody rants on Uggs (and their faux counterparts), but I don't think they're the *most* horrendous things out there. Here are 2 things that they have going for them: comfort (sometimes you just have to rest your feet) and as beach attire you don't have to worry about getting sand stuck all over your skin. Put me in the camp with your mother, I think they look cute with your dress, too ;)

Beach! I can't wait to see beach!

P.S. I'm glad you picked up on the buffalo nickel/buffalo plaid symmetry. I knew I could count on you ;)

Emily said...

Oh! Nice alien glow, by the way. Today I briefly toyed with the idea of sun-bathing in hopes of getting a light tan, but quickly cast that thought aside. Proud to be pale :D

Raquel said...

hey darling! the pictures are amazing! love the dress and the beach is lovely. the uggs wouldn't be my choice but I admit they're comfy.

Ariella said...

You look lovely - the pictures and the scenery are just gorgeous I really like your dress - and the uggs aren't that bad.

I've seen that video now, and it's very nice, I must say. That song is also one of my favourites from her.