Thursday, October 1, 2009

My mother is going to kill me...

Because THIS is coming to my mailbox:I mean, really. My 'rents already think I've gone off the deep end with this whole "fashion writer" thing. Receiving a magazine with a barely-clad ScarJo cover complete with scintillating headlines does not help matters. Thanks a lot, Glamour!

Now I wouldn't call myself a prude, but this mag is just EMBARRASSING! I'm talking Seventeen trauma-rama bad! It may not be very modern of me to say so, but 99.9% of the time, I think it's better to follow a more conservative route. Why? Perhaps because I'm a pastor's daughter. I like fashion and all, but when my beloved glossies decide to go the tarty route, I'm not afraid to get all Jane Austen up in their business. Word.*

I suppose this is why I'm not a huge Scarlett Johansson fan... because most of the time she represents herself as a bat-'er-eyes, voluptous vixen. Yes, ScarJo, you're gorgeous. You've got the perfect figure and can do any hair color. We get it, okay? Stop rubbing your wannabe Ann Margaret-ness in our faces already. Yeesh.

That said, is it bad that I'm secretly curious to hear her latest musical endeavor? Only because it involves Pete Yorn. I dug She & Him, so I might have to give these tunes a spin. Maybe. Happy now, Glamour? I'm intrigued. But good luck beating this:
Maybe I prefer Zooey because she, well, prefers wearing clothes. If only Zooey had been Glamour's cover choice (perhaps in a whimsical alterna-fantasy world, where everyone would sport charming vintage frocks and sip tea atop their bicycle/roller skates of choice. And we'd all sing "Xanadu." Of course). I jumped for joy when this hit my mailbox a few months back:
This cover is so sweet, fresh, and girlie without being cheesy. Obviously this was part of Zooey's promotion for 500 Days of Summer, and most likely resulted in thousands more flocking to theaters to catch that quirky indie darling. This cover is the perfect marketing tool that paints Deschanel as the ingenue she is. And that coral-hued dress with matching Repetto flats? Self isn't even a fashion mag, but it clearly has a far superior styling squad here. Sorry, Glamour. You got schooled. (And it's not the first time! Yawn fest).

So. Have any of you heard Zooey or ScarJo's music? In a Zooey vs. Scarlett face-off, who wins? Do let me know what you think. I'd do another spiffy poll, as the last one was a rousing (wee!) success, but I'm too lazy. Oh, and have you ever received a blush-worthy magazine in the mail that you wanted to hide before your parentals/flatmates/neighbors/cat could see? Feel free to sound off in the comments, loves.
And if you watched The Hills or The City last night and laughed your butt off (or cried tears of joy.... or anguish)... well, I wanna know that, too. :)

*And perhaps I've erred by drawing unnecessary attention to this tacky cover. That's the journalist in me wanting to "seek truth and report it," I guess. Or, in this case, expose things. Nevertheless, I'm bothered, and usually when I'm bothered, I share. And then you share, too, and we all share something deep and meaningful and weep and laugh and become the best of friends. Or not. I don't really know. All I know is it's early morning and I need to make coffee. :P


Sher said...

I think it's all about what drives marketing. Sex sells. Why? because the shock tactic gets the glance or the second glance.

Celebrities dress a certain way to get noticed. Whether it is bad press or good press, it's all about the publicity. That feeds into the fans copying what the celebs wear. That is why we are seeing, what I consider, stripper clothes coming main stream. Those thigh high boots and 5" platforms only used to be seen in strip clubs.

Clubbing dresses (which look like shirts) Back in the 70s my Aunts used to wear short dresses but what used to come with the dress was matching short shorts. Now those short dress/shirts are back but there are no matching panties (or celebs even wearing any panties for that matter)

But we are lucky to live in a country where we can wear what we want with in reason and not be fined, stoned or killed for it.

And you are free to express your opinion about it. Continue expressing your opinion. You are not the only one who feels this way.

PS I got my magazine too yesterday ;D

Emily said...

Ah, I second your sentiments here. *HIGH FIVE* While some feel that "less is more" I like to think that "more is more." I don't consider myself a prude either, but, really, a little dose conservatism is more than healthy in this fast paced "sex sells" world we live in. I'm glad you were bothered by this cover and voiced your opinion.

Oh, and Zooey wins. Hands dowwwnnn.

Jaime said...

I get this mag too...I live out of the house though haha! I like Zooey better as well- though Glamour is one of my fave mags.

Lexie said...

although i do love zooey's quirky style, i think she and scarjo are both really BORING. at least in how they portray themselves to the media. i found both of their latest musical efforts to be stale and emotionless, and with maybe one or two exceptions, they both play the SAME character in every movie.

Diary of a Young Designer said...

I can totally relate. My mom's also would scream the world out if she saw a magazine like that step our mailbox. =/ Mom's very active in church also so I understand completely.


ana b. said...

I didn't much like Scarlett's first album. She was very "man voice" in that one. But I have great great hopes for her album with Pete Yorn. Relator is a fantastic first single and definitely very She&Him. Which I also love.

I wish girls would put their pants back on :((

KD said...

Now you know why you are my favorite Contemplative and intelligently avoiding the polemic,yet again. you, too, dear and Ana B. I echo your last sentiment.

But truthfully, my yearbook from 1975 had a full page of a very short dress that I often wore to school. So, I appreciate your sentiments, ladies. Wish I had been this wise in my youth.

kirstyb said...

i definatley want to listen to their music xoxox

Raquel said...

totaly agree with you dear, that cover looks a bit trashy! ok scarlet is gorgeous and sexy and all, but I adore zoeys cuteness and the way she dresses is so much better.
hope you are well darling!

Kandace said...

To me there is something to be said about being effortlessly sexy. I think the problem with Scarlett is that it seems like she's trying way too hard. As you mentioned she is naturally beautiful so there is no need for her to constantly pout or pose for covers with only a t-shirt on. I do like her though as well as Zooey. Fashion wise though, Zooey takes the cake.