Friday, October 16, 2009

The play's the thing...

Tonight, tonight, my show opens tonight!

That's why I haven't posted in forever. Again. I've been running around to practice every day for the last week. Tonight we find out if it was all worth it. Oh, anticipation!

All day, people have been telling me to "break a leg." You know the origin of that phrase? One theory is that, in Ancient Greece, audiences would stomp their legs on the ground in lieu of applause. Cast members would wager that if they performed well enough, someone would break a leg from stomping so vigorously. Thus, when they were wishing one another luck, they were actually telling each other to break someone else's leg, not their own! Nice, eh?

I doubt any audience member will break a leg on the carpeted floor of our arts center tonight, but if they do... I just might be responsible.



Lexie said...

thanks for the history lesson! i didnt know that's where the phrase came from! even still, i hope you have a great show!

Emily said...

Aahh, exciting! I wish I could be there! I'll call you sometime this week. If I can manage it, I'd love to come out on the 25th for the last performance. We'll see, we'll see :D

Diary of a Young Designer said...

OMG! Wishing you the best of luck!! If you have any pics please, please post them alright?


Sher said...

How did it go Hon? Can't wait to hear how much you enjoyed doing it.

KD said...

Went to opening night. It was wonderful. Enjoyed every moment. Voice like an angel. Emily, honey, it would be so nice to see you!