Monday, March 8, 2010

Anthropologie, Naut

As promised, here is my little Anthropologie-inspired photo shoot. These pictures were snapped on a rainy night last week; the next day, the sun finally came out of hiding. Too bad I just couldn't wait one more day to shoot these outfits; the sunshine would have been a welcome addition (No need to adjust the brightness/contrast or hue/saturation)! Ah, well. I think the rain and indoor lighting add a certain moodiness to the... eh, who are we kidding? Anyway, I put these outfits together because I'm in love with the nautical looks featured in Anthro's January 2010 catalog, but cannot personally afford to buy anything from it. Maybe someday, when I am a wealthy lady who lunches (ha), I will waste oodles of cash at Anthro so I can buy just one more frill-adorned cardigan. Until then, I will continue to happily waste all my cash on Starbucks and shoe sales!

Wet Seal polka dot tee (from 4-5 years ago)
Borrowed pearl necklace (Thanks, Mama!)
Loft pencil skirt (last spring)
Target (?) tights
Jessica Simpson Mary-Janes

Loft ruffled floral cardigan & floral-patterned shorts
Old Navy striped tee & ballet flats
Charlotte Russe viscose scarf

Lately I've been experimenting with photo locales (hehe, mostly indoor due to less-than-favorable weather), but I'm not sure I'm crazy about this room with the dressing screen. I really like it as a vintage-y background, but I hate how posing against it makes my proportions look awkward! Photographing outdoors is always the preferred method, so I think I will just wait for sunny days before my next sartorial post.

Most of the looks seen here are comprised of a few newer Loft pieces mixed with some old favorites. But the last photo contains an H&M dress I snagged last week because I simply couldn't leave it at the store...

H&M striped tshirt dress
Gap ruffled scarf
Apt. 9 boots

There you have it: my interpretation of the spring nautical look, my official guilty pleasure for this month. Which items are you having a hard time resisting for spring?

P.S. Just read that Anthropologie plans to launch a bridal collection. New York Magazine's The Cut blog reported the story as "Urban Outfitters to Make Wedding Gowns," calling the would-be clients a whole new subculture of shoppers: "bridesters." But keep in the mind that the dresses will be Anthropologie, not Urban, and that the prices will run from $1,000 - 5,000. That's more than the cost of many dress styles at David's Bridal! My thought is that if the gowns are at Anthro, they will have to be pretty, not hipster-y. I can see it now: tufts of tulle, layers of lace, bunches of beads.... and I say, if they happen to be covered in ruffles, vintage-y buttons and nautical stripes, sign me the eff up! But what do you think of this development?


vivatveritas said...

i love the stripe dress! you look so cute in it!

im craving for denim bottom down shirt for spring!

Elaine said...

This is a lot of fabulous outfits!!! I love them all. Especially the ruffle cardigan!!!!

Anonymous said...

you look like one of the models! especially in the last photo. great outfits.

Jaime said...

The last look is my fave...loving stripes right now!

Emily said...

Ooh, I'm glad you got that dress. I'm really loving each look you put together in this Anthro-inspired photo shoot. Your floral patterned shorts are making me melt. So cute!

WendyB said...

That ruffled scarf is cute against the stripes.

Style Artisan said...

What great outfits! I think that the shorts outfit is my favorite.

And I am in love with that screen! If you ever get tired of it...

Raquel said...

hey there sweetie! I am now at Madeira but still haven't gone seeing the destructed areas, thank you for your sympathy :)
about the looks: adorable, but I really gasped when I saw the last one! I am a sucker for all things nautical, but the horizontal navy/white stripes and the red scarf are the perfect combination of style and colors of all time!!
as for the wedding dresses, I think it's a bit weird and I don't know if I would buy one from that kind of store (especially being the prices the same as wedding designers stores), but I would love to peek at the collection ;)

ps: now I can devour your mags!! are you enjoying the PT ones? can you read them? :)