Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rainy days and nights

The rain has finally stopped, though the day is still a bit cold and drizzly. I'm sick with chronic sinusitis (ew) and am about to start a second round of antibiotics. The sunshine and warm weather we're supposedly due to experience Easter weekend can't arrive soon enough! I'm hoping the solar charge will renew my strength, Superman-style. We shall see.

No new outfit posts till I'm healthy! Pale and red-nosed (though frequent) is not a good look for me. :P Instead... Polyvore! I'm afraid I too often let my little collages fill in all the blanks... when I've got nothing relevant to say... uhh... Polyvore!

This post does, however, reflect my mood. A little quirky, a little bluesy, with a dash of Lewis Carroll-esque whimsy stirred in for good measure. Drink me:

I never wrote my "Favorite Things: March." So I'll be lazy and combine months for a "Favorite Things: Spring." Then it's back to Green Cotton blogging, and hopefully some good news to share at the end of the week.

Everyone stay warm and dry! The sun is coming!


Lexie said...

i love that dress in the middle of the collage!

i just got over a serious spring cold... i thought i'd never be able to breathe through my nose ever again...! i hope you feel better soon!

Emily said...

Feel better soon, m'dear!

Ahh, there's that cardigan I'm so tempted to recreate ;)

Anonymous said...

It's great!!..................................................

Raquel said...

oh I am in love with that cardigan!
hope you're feeling better dear and hope you had a lovely easter!