Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Living Vicariously

So. Maybe my blogging hiatus is more of a mini-break. I haven't really decided yet. All I know is that I think of myself as a free spirited kind of blogger, anyway. I am lazy when it comes to doing outfit posts or even discussing the latest and greatest fashion... kind of lame, since this is a "fashion" blog, after all. But just bear with me; I'll get there, I promise. :)

So here's a quick personal update: I'm back from my brief stay in NY (though, of course, I'm longing to go back soon) which means back to work, full-time. I'm also trying to squeeze in time for freelance writing projects and studying for grad school entrance exams. I haven't exactly decided where I'm applying yet, nor have I picked a focus of study (there are two degrees I'd like to pursue, so I may just go crazy and try both), but the fact is that I've got to at least take the entrance tests soon... otherwise, come next fall, I won't be going anywhere! Major cramming (I mean, er, tightly scheduled, highly dedicated weeks of serious study) is in my immediate future.

Still, I hope, no matter what, to always have time for some blogging, even if it's just a little something. :) I would still love to do some Fashion Week posts in the near future, even though my last-minute vacation change caused me to miss the events in person (I was invited to the IFB Evolving Influence Fashion Blogger Conference and to a few shows... so bummed I couldn't make it!). But I have been keeping up with NYFW coverage on my favorite blogs and tracking all of my favorite designers, so naturally I'll have to weigh in with my own opinions and interpretations here.

In the meantime, I'll live vicariously through all of you lucky ducks who are attending Fashion Week events... I'm not jealous! Promise. ;)

And on Monday night, I definitely lived vicariously through Gossip Girls Serena and Blair as they flounced around Paris, wearing couture and snacking on macarons. C'est la vie!

Raise your hand if you caught Gossip Girl's season four premiere? Everything, from the intricately-chosen ensembles to cinematic shots of the City of Love, was divine. I simply must visit France myself. Someday...



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Raquel said...

Erin! I loved the first episode of season 4! and the outfits, oh the outfits! keep getting better. the ones on the first pictures were the best for me though! :)
good luck on deciding what you want to pursue! ;)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

That's definitely too bad that your vacation got reshuffled like that, but don't worry, there's always something to report on! And I'm sure you'll manage to blog a bit, even with a laissez-faire attitude towards it!