Monday, September 20, 2010

Nobody Does it Better: Oscar de la Renta RTW Spring 2011

Kicking off my catch-up on New York Fashion Week, what better designer to start with than legendary Oscar de la Renta? For Spring 2011, we were treated to a sentimental journey back to sweet fifties and swinging sixties style. The Mad Men look has been all the rage on many a runway over the past few seasons, but as any Academy Award-winner or First Lady could tell you, Oscar has that special touch that turns a trend into a classic. I am an unabashed fan; a vintage Oscar de la Renta handbag (in a shade of green that's making quite the comeback this year!) is the first designer piece I ever laid eyes on, and happily purchased. See how Oscar transforms his ladies from nine-to-fivers to those who lunch to the least reluctant debutantes to ever descend a grand staircase. Observe:

The quintessential working girl shift, in a happy, poppy hue.

These florals are so sweet, they veer on grandma-chic! But prim and proper polish is a welcome change from more disheveled styles. The coordinating bag is the icing on a very frothy cake!

Michelle Obama must have this look on speed-dial, and who could blame her? Send to the White House, stat!

A modern, directional suit look that's not at all stiff. It says "edgy, creative type," not "worker drone."

Yet another take on tweedy suits, this with a refreshing pop of mint. Ahh.

I love how Oscar's gone a little Grecian, while still staying true to the sixties sartorial spirit. A screen goddess from Hollywood's Golden Age would have rocked this floaty frock.

Can't you see this ensemble strutting down city streets come spring (not by itself, of course!)? Rain or shine, crisp white and green is a sublimely Irish-looking standout... Ides of March be darned!

Ruffles, lace, and a beautiful bow... it's easy to get carried away by such gorgeous details, but as always, Oscar shows a practiced restraint. It's almost too lovely for words.

Saving the best for last? Yet another screen siren gown that is truly Oscar-worthy.

What do you think? All hits? Any misses? Sound off in the comments! And be sure to check back as I continue to spotlight Fashion Week designers! Up next: designs that are decidedly sixties-influenced (before we make our way to all the seventies-inspired fashions). Any guesses on which designer it could be?

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Katy Mary said...

Love everything! Omg I would wear every piece in this collection.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Oh, Oscar De La Renta. Everything in this collection is stunning and impeccable.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Not sure I'm a fan of the suits, but then, I've never worked in a place where I had to wear a suit! But that white dress with the bow is sublime!