Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goofy and giddy

Hi y'all,

I am home all week recovering from a wee little surgery. No worries, all is well. :) I get to lounge around and find ways to entertain myself. So I was beyond happy to stumble upon the new She & Him video for "Don't Look Back." It's very retro, very bright, and very, very giddy. Just like me, on oxycodone! In fact, I'm thinking this video looks even better on oxycodone. :D Nope, I'm not crazy. Just really, really happy. :)


She & Him - Don't Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.


Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Funny, I just watched this prior to visiting your blog. It totally made my day. LOVE.

Raquel said...

hope all is well with you erin!
i just watched this video today, zooey tweeted about it! how gorgeous is she?? her hair makes me want me to let mine grow and grow... hehe

Lexie, Little Boat said...

surgery! i hope you are okay!

thanks for sharing the video .. i'm sure everyone could use a dose of cheer in this january cold!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute video, thanks for sharing!

Miss Neira