Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let it snow!


The phrase is used to death, but when the earth turns winter white and the winds won't cease to blow, there's nothing left to say but... let it snow!


Taking these pictures proved to be quite the challenge yesterday. I (optimistically) set my camera on my tripod, and scampered to my "posing areas" as quickly as possible... quite a few times, the camera was knocked over. So. Not the best idea to use a tripod during a nor'easter.


The blizzard-like conditions also required a change in footwear. I started out (again, optimistically) wearing a pair of brown lace-up sweater-lined booties (all faux leather and acrylic "wool," FYI, fellow vegan fashionistas!), which have treads on the bottom but also stiletto heels. So. NOT the best idea to wear stilettos in a nor'easter! The things you learn... ;) I switched to my waterproof rubber duck boots, which also have heels, but chunkier ones. Yes, my "snow boots" have heels. My co-workers at the Environmental Police like to tease me over this.


These boots complement what I consider to be a practical winter weather ensemble! My Anthropologie Southward Stop dress is corduroy, and therefore quite warm (side note: I wanted this dress for months; eBay score!). I added a draped, cranberry-colored cardigan for a little extra warmth, along with eggplant-hued sweater tights. When that still proved a tad too chilly, I added a faux leather jacket. No puffer coat required! Really! Ok, truth: I was frozen solid after mere minutes, as my entire outfit was covered in snowflakes. But for a winter wonderland photo shoot? Worth ever freezing second!

And because today was sunny and slightly above freezing, I celebrated with an iced coffee. Yup. Guess I'm more of a New Englander than I thought!

What about you? Did you get buried in snow?


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

No snow here, but it looks intense where you are! I thought I was going crazy with your footwear change, after my browser changing the colour of your other shoes last time! I really like the print on your dress by the way!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

what is the pattern of this dress?! it looks beautiful!

i admire you girls with tripods! i bought one from staples when jacob moved, but i never got the hang of it, so i ended up returning it. i kinda wish i would have tried harder.

Audrey Allure said...

You are so brave for going out there in the snow & while looking gorgeous at the same time! Love your outfit.

Emily Saltzberg said...

Virginia actually got a couple inches, but I heard Boston got over a foot and I'm excited to go back to that! You looks absolutely adorable by the way; either shoes work with the look but I think I actually might like the more practical duck boots better :)

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

You brave girl! I hid inside all day during the storm. So, these boots of yours... love them! They're so you. Yay! I'm glad you found the styles you wanted that also met your pretty, functional and vegan criteria.

Oh, and that dress? Sigh.

Ariella said...

You look so cute battling all that snow! I am quite used to lots and lots of snow from where I originally come from in northern Norway, so I am familiar with wearing the right shoes for winter (which is not always so easy when you want them to look nice with your outfit). However, both of your boots suit your outfit really well! And I also like your dress a lot.

A Stylized Hysteria said...

I love that your snow boots have heels! You look very cute :)

Anonymous said...

Im loving the print on that dress! so adorable, the snow looks beautiful with the photos!

Raquel said...

I never get snow, but if I happen to experience some in London (not this this year probably) I'd love to be as stylish as you for it! I love the outfit and the warm brown tones! You look really pretty Erin.


Thankfully no snow, thank goodness! Love your outfit it's absolutely adorable, I am loving the print on that dress. And, I can't believe you used a tripod and ran back and forth in the snow, haha the things that we all do for fashion. xx veronika