Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jane Erin

I wore the wrong outfit to work today.

It's spring, almost summer, it's supposed to be all about brights and whites. But those are hard to pull off when it's cold and drizzly. My mood tends to match the weather - just like in Jane Eyre, one of my all-time favorites - and I like my outfit to reflect the weather, too. (Really, I love any excuse to bust out my favorite khaki trench!) So I bundled up in my favorite layers-- sure, they're from last year, but let's look forward and call it "pre-fall."

Beret: H&M
Sweater (Silence & Noise), vest (Lux), dress (Kimchi Blue): Urban Outfitters
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots: Payless

Trench: Gap
Scarf: Kohl's

Bag: Simply Vera by Vera Wang, Kohl's

I love you, khaki trench, but I still hope the sun will shine so I can go play outside. :)


PoetryInMotion said...

Love the trench! It's very Carmen Sandiego.

Fashionista0921 said...

I love this outfit and layering! go you

Emily said...

Jane Erin... he he. Cute pink sweater! I love how it looks with your dress and beret :)

Gah, this reminds me of how much I need a khaki trench. I'll secure one this Fall, for sure.

I'm waiting for the sun to return so I can play outside, too.

I'm determined to be New England bound! Let's iron out the details soon! :)

Welcome back, Ip!

Ariella said...

You look so cute. I love the layered outfit. It's pretty cold here as well, so I guess to an outsider my outfits would look sort of like fall outfits, hehe.

Oh, how funny that you know (and like!) Marit Larsen! I like her music a lot myself :)

Sher said...

Love that trench and your beret! Did the sun finally come out for you? It did here....where is summer?

Ariella said...

Well, actually I don't really like Marion's music at all these days. I much prefer's Marit's, which is mellow, emotional and melodious. Did she release her album in the US?