Monday, June 15, 2009

Secret sanctuary

Today, the weather was finally fair enough for a little trek into the woods...

Or is it an enchanted forest? Call it what you like; I call it my sanctuary. It's become my secret hiding place...

Surely no one will ever find me!

Tunic, leggings: Forever 21
Cardigan: BDG, Urban Outfitters

Boots: Payless

I hope you find a little sanctuary today.


Diary of a Young Designer said...

Such beautiful scenery! And it complements your outfit so well, if feels like a southern dream.


PS: wow, we have so much in common, I'm also a musician/singer/songwriter and am trying to balance that with fashion and the rest of my life! ^-^

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Oh, Re to your comment: just google vogue girl korea and serach the images =D

Fashionista0921 said...

Yes, that scenery is to die for. It makes me want to make a vacation into the wood right now!!! Great pics

Sher said...

Beautiful tunic!

What a wonderful place to escape to!

Raquel said...

what a beautiful place darling! I wish I had a special place like that. and you look lovely by the way.
oh and be sure to tell me if you ever come here, we could met up!

The Clothes Horse said...

Looks magical where you are! Your dress is such a pretty shade too.
P.S. I think you got my school wrong...we don't have a sister school. There's actually a lot more small colleges in PA than people think. :)

Jessica said...

I want that dress. And I love that place! PS I'm totally coming to visit you so I see that scenery up close :)

Emily said...

This tunic reminds me of the trip we took to Cape Cod two summers ago. I loved it then and I love it now :)

Your sanctuary looks perfect. I may have to persuade you to share your secret when I visit ;)