Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November sky

There's nothing quite like watching dusk sweep over a wintry beach...
As the sun sets below the waves, its evening companion rises, though the moonlit waters remain bright as day... Icy shades of cream, grey, pink and blue recall both balmy summer nights and a winter morning's frost...
Beret: H&M
Scarf: Herbivore Clothing
Cardigan: BDG, Urban Outfitters
Dress: Loft
Ballet flats: Old Navy
Jewelry: Vintage locket, Tiffany's pendant


Lexie said...

beautiful shots. i never get tired of good sunset pictures.

Jaime said...

Very pretty photos! :)

Emily said...

Gorgeous photos, especially the 2nd one. I love the colors of sunset - sometimes stark, sometimes melded, and never quite the same.

Adorable scarf! That cardigan looks so cozy :)