Monday, November 16, 2009

Variations of a theme

If you were to ever accuse me of being an "outfit repeater," normally I might gasp and swear, "Never!" But if you had caught me this past weekend, I would have been found guilty as charged.

What I wore Saturday...Dress, scarf: Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters
Tights: Target, maybe?
Boots: Kohl's, gift from Grandma
Necklaces: Tiffany's, vintage
And then Sunday...Faux fur jacket: Had it for so long I can't remember...
Sweater dress: Gift
Bag: Simply Vera by Vera Wang
Belt, tights: Loft
Boots: Report, Off-Broadway Shoes

Now my personal style isn't what I'd call consistent... I change themes, genres, decades on a daily basis. This is probably because I'm an "actress"; most of my outfits are "costumes." Lately I've been feeling really late seventies/early eighties, and that's been reflected in everything from my iPod playlists (Heart! Eagles! Journey! Bad Company!) to my sartorial choices.

This sweater dress/leggings/ankle boots combo has almost become a uniform of late. There's nothing much easier than slipping on a long sweater or tunic over leggings, then throwing on a scarf, belt, or faux-fur bomber jacket-- done! I've been in a purple-y mood lately, so I just happened to wear lilac-colored dresses two days in a row. Today I'm wearing a deep purple tunic! Guess I'm in a purple haze...


Emily said...

I have a confession, this post has given me a slight case of boot envy! That idea of moving to MA, getting an apartment together, and sharing wardrobes sounds more and more appealing every time it crosses my mind ;)

Variations on a theme, I find, can be the best answer to wardrobe slumps or help inspire new ideas. Sometimes certain things just work, are comfortable, are too good not to wear over & over, etc. This look totally works for you. Maybe I'm a little biased in my thought since I know you so well, but it definitely screams, "Yep, that's Erin," in my mind :)

Talisa said...

Really pretty pictures!!!

Jaime said...

Love purple on you :)

Elaine said...

I try not to do repeats but I don't think would be considered an outfit repeat! In essence the type of pieces are being repeated....which I think are pretty vital for fall/winter!! ;)

And bag is vintage Gucci! I got it at a yard sale for $3!!!! :D:D

MARISA said...

beautiful pics of fall!

and i love the way you layerd this outfit


Robin said...

In real life, you're an outfit repeater. But in Blogland they call it remixing. So you're still very cool. Love the boots!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Pretty dress; I like repeating outfits is natural. I mean, we're not trust fund babies, no? Who can afford to not repeat!