Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trippy hippie luxe

Wow, another week flew by... I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving time. Then, as a semi-hippie-liberal vegetarian, I don't exactly gear up for this particular "holiday." A day of gluttonous feasting while most of the world goes hungry followed by a day of gluttonous shopping and retail employee trampling... God bless the U.S.A.


Ahem. I'll step off my soapbox. You know that I don't think shopping is evil; it's just that the dark magic of Black Friday seems to turn people evil. I know-- I've worked retail during the past two Black Fridays. But although I call myself a hippie, I'm not exactly anti-establishment (hellooo, Free People!). I still love - ok, that's an understatement - to shop, so I've decided to leap ahead of the greedy crowds to come and start my Christmas shopping early. So much more relaxing!

And to go along with my lazy, hazy mood, I created a Polyvore that captures my current fashion/aesthetic fixation... Boho rock, baby!

I wonder what the rest of the world does on Black Friday. In America, the consumer lust is disgusting... but are there psycho Black Fridays shoppers all over the world? (Hmm, something to Google...) I find myself wondering what Japan or France or Germany must look like during this crazy pre-Christmas buying bonanza... How do you all spend - and what do you spend on - this infamous occasion?


Lexie said...

my family doesnt usually get into black friday sales, but last year my mom did go to wal-mart at 4 am to get a kitchenaid mixer for my sister. she saved a loooot of money on it, so i think it was worth it. she did not, however, knock anyone upside the head with it while running full speed down the aisles, lol.

Jaime said...

Love the polyvore- esp the dress you chose! So hippie :)

Did you change your blog look/layout? It looks great!

Sher said...

I'm a glutton. I love Black Friday! We are going from early am till 10pm or even 11 at night. Mostly it's another day of wandering and eating. And in order to be out on blk friday, one needs to be a patient person. I've found that 90 percent out there are patient and fun to be around. As we're waiting in line for 45 mins we talk to other people and share sales info. It's more of an attitude "we're all in this together" so it's more of a comradery.