Friday, January 15, 2010

Covert Candy

U.K. fashionistas have a great new way to refresh their wardrobes -- covertly. Tired of items in your closet that you know won't fetch much at a thrift store? Why not just swap it out? Covert Candy allows you to do just that, without any money ever changing hands. With their simplified shop-and-swap system, vintage clothes shopping is easier than ever.

All you have to do is take pictures of and post your items, then come up with an estimated value - say, $10 (in this case, British £), and you will receive 10 credits to use on the site. Then you can use these credits toward an item, order it and have it shipped straight to you. It's a simplified way to thrift, and cheaper than bidding for some overpriced designer stuff on eBay.

I'm a huge fan of vintage and thrift shopping and love the thrill of the hunt. But this way you don't even have to spend any money, and you can clean your closet out at the same time. Bonus! (If I were British, I would trill, "Brilliant!" But alas, I am not...)

English gals are lucky to have the chance to participate in this fabulous clothes swap. And obviously, I'm thrilled to share sites like this when I come across them because they help further the sustainable fashion movement. The U.K. is actually lightyears ahead of the U.S. on this front-- they've been rocking eco-fashion for years. (Stella McCartney, hello!) The green fashion movement is definitely catching on here, but mostly in thanks to fashion innovators from across the pond.

U.S. gals who want to get in on the covert shopping fun can check out sites like Dig 'N' Swap, or simply host a clothes swap of your own! If anybody ever wants to swap with me... I get bored with my wardrobe pretty easily. -_- Sad but true. I'm willing to admit it. But I'm also ready and willing to swap stuff out!

Any U.K. readers ever check out Covert Candy? If yes, please let me know in the comments what you think. And if you haven't tried it yet... now's your chance!

Have a happy Friday, loves!

P.S. I will be choosing my contest winner tonight, so you still have time to enter! Midnight is my official deadline. Good luck!

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