Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I hatched a hairbrained scheme...

... to go back to my natural hair color, a dark, honey blonde. All the dark brown I've been putting in my hair for the last year has mostly grown out, and though I would love to stay on "the dark side," it's just more practical and economic to stay closer to my natural color. After a three-hour transformation (!!!) at my local Aveda salon, I'm not quite back to my original blonde... but I'm getting there. My stylist had to shampoo my hair with bleach to banish the old brown, and then, as she put it, "highlight the crap out of it." These pictures make it hard to tell, but I figured I'd share 'em anyway:

Yippee! I figure one more trip to the salon in the spring, and I'll be good to go; after that, no more dye jobs! And now, just for fun, an outfit post. Sorry the photos are so small... my dopey camera likes to make close-ups really ridiculously huge and my outfit photos itsy-bitsy, even when I enlarge them! Or maybe it's all Blogger's fault. :P Anyway, here's my current style go-to (sweater dress!), worn two ways...
Sixties a-go-go:
Sweater dress: Loft
Beret: H&M
Scarf: Gap
Bag: Paul + Joe for Target
Tights: Target?
Boots: Apt. 9 (Kohl's, gift)

Après-ski chic:
Scarf, bracelet: Apt. 9 (gift)
Tights: Loft
Sunglasses: Simply Vera
Bag: Five Below (in Jersey! Woot!)

I wore the first outfit to church and to a work event on Sunday night. The second is from this morning for a meeting... now I'm slumming it in my favorite striped H&M sweater and distressed skinny jeans. I'm going to pull on my slouchy knee-high boots and run some errands, then do some more work from home. Exciting day, eh? Hopefully my week will become more eventful, as I'm planning a trip to Brooklyn this weekend. Can't wait!

In the meantime, don't forget to enter my purse giveaway! You know you want it!


Jessica said...

Yay for Five Below! And I am all about the sweater dress these days too. Love the hair and can't wait to see you!

Jaime said...

Cute looks - love the scarf in the first one, especially!

Emily said...

Is this your long awaited NYC trip? I'm excited for you! Have fun!!!

Your hair looks great! Something needs to be done to mine for sure, but I'm still in debate mode. My sister had a few suggestions... we'll see...

Such a cute sweater dress. Love it both ways :)

Raquel said...

your natural hair color really suits you, especially your eyes!
I love sweater dresses, they are the most comfortable yet fashionable things!

about portugal, isn't all that great, I guess we are never happy with what we got ha! though I am now enjoying the cool weather of Madeira island :)