Saturday, January 16, 2010

We have a winnah!

As promised, I put names in a hat (in a wool fedora, if you must know!) and picked a winner for my clutch contest. I'm happy to announce the lucky recipient: Sophie, beautiful blogger behind Diary of a Young Designer. If you haven't already, go visit her gorgeous blog!

Thank you all for entering! I hope to offer more contests like this in the future.

My plan was to pick a winner before leaving on my NY trip, but once again I've had to cancel. My hope is to, eventually, spend more and more time in the city as I search for jobs, but car trouble has kept me home (this is a regular occurrence for me). My faithful steed (ha), a '94 periwinkle-colored Dodge Spirit affectionately named "Azul Diablo" has finally, finally bit the dust, after many close calls. So I'm now forced to put every penny into a new (used) car... or else really focus on moving to the city, where I wouldn't actually need a vehicle. Yay for public transport! So many decisions... This is going to impact my holiday weekend.

But I hope you're off doing something fun today. Fill me in on your plans in the comments so I can live vicariously through you! ;)


Raquel said...

congrats to sophie!
ah i just bought a new used car myself in December!
good luck with NYC girl!!

Emily said...

Congrats to Sophie!

Oh no, that's terrible about your car. I passed one identical to yours just yesterday. Cars and maintaining them is an icky business. I'm still putting money into mine... yeah, this has been on going since October. I replaced one of the oxygen sensors and it seems like now that wasn't really necessary. Cool, I basically handed the auto parts store $180+ for nothing. Maybe I'll fill you in on the rest of my ridiculous story another time ;)

Anonymous said...

Aw! congrats! lucky girl!

Elaine said...

I'm so sad I missed the giveaway! congrats to sophie!!

So sorry to hear about your car! I know how that is... Our car keeps breaking down too! And it's so inconvenient because we were away for a few weeks so I won't be paid for another month or so. Ugh. Good luck with decision-making!

Sher said...

Congratulations to the winner.

Hope you can find some new wheels. Good luck shopping for one. Take a friend ;)