Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Day of Summer


I'm a fall baby all the way, but it still breaks my heart a little bit to see summer go. Once again, I find myself daydreaming about all the summery fun I wanted to partake in (lazy beach days, amusement park and county fair visits, late night stargazing) but didn't because I was simply too busy. I did manage to squeeze in a couple of mini-breaks here and there, but haven't taken a proper vacation in YEARS. So, next year, it's my goal to visit someplace entirely new to me... and squeeze in more beach time, too.

As much as I'll miss summer, I can't mope for long; I'm really looking forward to cooler temps so I can layer again! It was nice to get to wear tights one day last week. Though autumn officially started last night, it's still in the seventies and eighties in the Boston area, so I'm just going to embrace it while it lasts! Guess I'll order my pumpkin spice latte iced for a few more days...


This ensemble is one of my summer work favorites. It came about because I wanted to be cool and comfortable, but of course still stylish... and this brushstroke-printed chiffon skirt gives off that seventies vibe that I love. Pairing it with my favorite white tee is just a comfy no-brainer. These gladiator sandals are cool, but not too comfortable... the stiletto heel doesn't exactly distribute weight evenly. But since I have a desk job, I'm pretty okay with that. The only major problem occurs when you're sinking in the grass! Oops...

Another slight problem... this white tee is hard to photograph! I guess that's why you don't see a lot of white on television; I've heard that it's difficult to film. I leaned against this red trailer just to get some contrast! Look at what happens in direct sunlight...


Whoa! Baby, your future's so bright, you need... a really high SPF? ;)

So I decided to try black and white to see if I could create enough contrast and darken that bright white a little bit. Well, not so much. But I like how everything else turned out...



Then I gave up on black and white entirely and tried blue! Because why not? Blue is a great shade for fall, right?


The blue still follows my seventies theme... my parents' yearbook photos from back then were tinted blue. I wonder why that is? No matter the reason, I always thought it looked groovy. Okay, so that's more of a sixties term. Whatever. :P

With that, I bid summer au revoir!

So, I interrupted my runway reviews for this outfit post. Fashion Week coverage will resume next time! So do check back for more. :)


Katy Mary said...

I really like your skirt and paired with the belt it looks fantastic! I am going to miss Summer too, I definitely didn't get to do all the things I wanted but there's always next summer!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

I do like those shoes, but I'm such a disaster, I can't walk in stilettos at all. I'd probably collapse on the way to my desk! ; )
Thanks for your comments about consumerism, I'm glad to know there are other people fighting their shopaholic instincts. And like you, I find it so difficult to get rid of things... there's almost always another way to style, whether or not you'd wear it out like that!

Jen said...

this is such a gorgeous and classic outfit, i'm definitely loving that skirt and a plain white t-shirt can complete any outfit. :)

yay for fall babies! get ready for layering, whooooooo!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

i love the skirt + belt combination!

also i think it is really funny that your parents' yearbook photos are tinted blue! oooo the 70s were such a weird time!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Haha, what was with those blue-tinted seventies photos? They're terrifically amusing to look at.

This skirt is so you. I love it. You certainly have a way with creating impeccable office-friendly looks.


Raquel said...

ah apart from the love I have for summer, I am really happy for fall!
your outfit is truly gorgeous and chic! and I love your shoes!

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit! Im a huge fan of white tees and pretty simple yet so pretty

Miss Neira