Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anchors aweigh! The last summer days...

The last days of summer are always a little bittersweet. I'm an autumn baby (November born!), and love when temperatures drop and leaves start to fall. Yet bidding summer goodbye is never easy. I plan to celebrate the end of the season in style... even if I'm already two pumpkin spice lattes into fall. ;)
This green empire-waist dress from Loft is one of my summer favorites. Super-comfortable and easy to run and leap about in (but only in the most ladylike manner, of course), I've pretty much lived in this for the past few months. I'd be remiss if summer went by without me posting at least one photo of it! Luckily, I took several...
Headband: Goodie, maybe? Wish I could remember!
Dress: Loft

Jewelry: Stuff I've had for so long, I forgot...
Peep toe flats: Gap (on clearance!)

Looking at these pictures, I can't help but note the slight Bardot influence. Channeling B.B. in Le Mepris? Not a bad summer style reference a'tall.

Who knew headwraps and stripes could be so glamorous? I'm still attempting to master the French art of effortless chic fashion. It sure is fun to try!

Gold heart filigree earrings: Vintage
Sweater: Candie's via Kohl's (a gift from my grandpa!)

Shorts: Loft

lats: Gap
Believe it or not, I still have more summer pictures to post! One reason I've been slow to update (aside from working and attending musical rehearsals): my computer's been really sluggish, and uploading/editing/resizing my digital pics takes FOREVER. :( Even when I've got them cropped and resized how I want them (and sadly, this is a big as they'll get; wish I could make them bigger), uploading them to Blogger is a pain because the site is incredibly slow. But I think adding more memory will fix the problem... unless someone has a better suggestion. What method do you use? Is anyone else reluctant to post regularly because it takes them at least two hours?!? I hope I'm not all alone here. :P And if you have any advice, I'll glady take it!

Till next time.... :)


Lexie said...

it takes me about an hour to write an entry, but that's just because i have to correct myself a million times!

in terms of pictures, i use blogger, but typically i only post 1-2 pictures/entry, so that may make things faster for me. i know many people use photobucket to ensure they have enough memory and so their pictures will be the right size.

Jaime said...

Cute post! I love the nautical look :)

Sher said...

I really like that stripe sweater! I think it's your internet connection service. I have cable and love it better than DSL. It's faster than DSL. Down load your pictures to your computer the usual way. But after you alter them, save them as a JPG and NEVER a BMP (bitmap) Bitmaps are way too huge a file to download. You will see the difference in the file size.

Dylana said...

I love your Bridgette Bardot outfit! So cute!

kirstyb said...

i know summer is over boo hoo! its seriously cold here right now! i am such a baby when its cold!!!!!! xoxox

Emily said...

You, my friend, are adorable! I love your green dress. It seems that I am forever on a green dress search. To be influenced by Bardot is definitely a good thing. Oh, and next time I come to visit I'm going to sneak those Loft shorts away from you... so you better hide 'em now ;) Three cheers for your nautical ensemble (and that the sweater was a gift from grandpa)!

I usually don't encounter any problems uploading my pictures through Blogger. The only thing that eats my time is the editing I do to what I've typed.

PSL... I like it! I would have been 2 PSL's into Fall already too, but I had a dentist appt today. Oh well, there's always tomorrow ;)

I wish we could see Ponyo together, too! Heck, it only takes me a tank of gas to come see you & drive back. $50 movie ticket, anyone? Hehe. I haven't seen any Miyazaki movies in the theater, so I am definitely going to make the effort with Ponyo.

So much more to write! I'll e-mail you! ♥

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Dear, love that headband! I'm also an autumn baby and can't wait for fall, but I'll be missing summer dresses. ^-^