Monday, September 7, 2009

Fascination street

Thank you all for your insightful responses to my last post. Sorry for being a tad emo. I didn't mean for my frustrations to strike a nerve with anyone, but thanks for bearing with me. You were all so sweet and understanding and helpful, which I truly appreciate!

I love the suggestion to focus more on photography as opposed to just fashion. That really is something that makes me happy and that I'd like to have more time for... I also covet a digital SLR, and maybe a vintage SLR, too, that would make my geeky-photog fantasies come true. I need soft focus! And I'd like to get majorly dorky and photograph nebulae. Oh, yeah. My first foray into photography (aside from 35 mm and Polaroid shots taken for fun in childhood-- I used to pose my Barbies!) was when I took astronomy my senior of high school. We learned to develop film the old-school way for the purpose of astronomical photography, but I never got that far... I wound up swapping that course for film studies and stuck to photographing more earthly subjects. Maybe someday soon I'll scan and upload some of those early dark room pictures. Photography is an endless source of fun and fascination, and I love capturing the little odds and ends that make up my world.

So here are some photos from, oh, you know, around...

Wee! Hope you had fun. Stop by again soon! More fun and frolicking to follow... :)


Jaime said...

Love the b&w shots!

Sher said...

Those blk & white shots made me do a double take. With those old buildings, they would be vintage, if it weren't for the vehicles telling the age.

Looks like you were having fun too :)

Erin Cathleen said...

That vintage look is what I was going for. :) The modern cars definitely spoiled the aesthetic!

Thank you for your comments and suggestions! <3