Tuesday, September 1, 2009

File under: Yum

Hi everyone! My apologies for taking a brief blogging hiatus. I'm in awe of you gals who manage to hold down full-time jobs and still take photos and post your outfits every day (amazing!). At this rate I'm only working part-time, but I've been finding plenty of things to keep me busy. For instance, I auditioned, on a whim, for a local theater troupe's musical production, and got in! (I harbor a not-so-secret obsession over musicals, and am practically kicking myself for not majoring in musical theater or vocal performance). The show is in October and rehearsals began a few weeks ago. Between this and work, I haven't been home much at all, thus my blog has been neglected. :( My apologies! I'll try to get back on track soon. Summer days are dwindling, but I have outfit photos that still need sharing. It might be warm for a few more weeks, so I'll post those new/old pictures soon! :P

But speaking of cooler days ahead... you should know that today is a very magical one. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back for fall, and available at Starbucks as of today. Yes! It may seem pathetic, but I anticipate this day all year long. Forget 'back to school' jitters... I get 'back to Starbucks' joy! ;)
Mmmm.... Everyone go out and get one! Just don't trample the poor baristas; they work hard. Tip nicely! ;)

Photos, stories, and more random fun coming up... see you all soon!


Jaime said...

I can't believe the pumpkin spice latte is back already! I love it, though it's only Sept 1, haha. Congrats on your musical debut to come in Oct!

Lexie said...

are you a barista? i work for a local coffee shop in my town and made someone a pumpkin spice latte on sunday! i even drew a pumpkin in the foam! :D

Emily said...

Ah, one of the best days of the year! ♥

Sher said...

Pumpkin Latte is definitely a sign of fall :( I'm in denial.