Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get

Readers, bloggers, fellow insomniacs,

You have my apologies, once again. I admit that I'm terrible at this media known as style blogging. Am I a decent writer? Yes. (I do like to think so.) Are my outfit posts passably trendy and cute from a distance? Sometimes. Sure. But when it comes to daily posting, I might as well throw in the proverbial, plush fashion-y towel and yield to the goddesses of the fashion blogging world. You know who you are. I yield! There! I'm... not sure that did anything, really.

This is why I shouldn't post late at night.

But when I come home from my play rehearsals, I always get weird. Kind of hyper, kind of anxious, and verrrry silly. Being around musical theater people does that (drama queens, do back me up). For example, upon exiting our rehearsal space earlier and stepping outside into the Indian summer night (because summer officially ended as of yesterday, and today decided to reach a high of 80 degrees just for spite), I took a deep breath and exclaimed, "Fresh air!" To which a co-star chimed in, "Times Square!" So then of course, I had to sing the rest: "New York is where I'd rather stay; I get allergic smelling hay. I just adore a penthouse view! Darling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue..."

Which is particularly true, in my case.

So! That brings me to New York. Yes. I was just there, and it was sooo hard to leave my hometown. I get all teary-eyed. And sadly, I wasn't around for Fashion Week... in fact I missed it because I was sans laptop and any internet access (aside from Paige loaning me her iPhone. She's the coolest). I STILL have massive catching up to do. And I will. Promise.

Now we're already in the throes of London Fashion Week which, in my humble little schoolgirl opinion, is far more interesting than New York's (Sacrilege? Sorry!). I plan to track the new collections there as well.

And speaking of Fashion Week across the pond, look who got to skip class to attend Burberry's Spring 2010 show:Its gamine-chic spokeswoman, of course! You know you've got clout when you can blow off school for a fashion show... and blow off Brown, no less. And I thought I was cool as a senior for cutting class to go see that CGI Ninja Turtles movie with Jess. See, EmWats? We're so alike!

Ahem. Anyway, I do have lots of catching up to do. I took a few photos during my trip, but it was rainy so there aren't any outdoor shots... and I'm not particularly fond of the indoor shots. So maybe these are photos that won't see the light of day. We shall see. For now I offer a few funny pics of me trying to be extra fashion-y (that's my new Teen Vogue word!)... in my backyard. In coastal New England. Because that's obviously the coolest place to dress like a downtown hipster. In tie-dye. Duh.And for once, I didn't crop or edit anything. These are unadulterated digital snaps taken around twilight a few weeks ago, before one of my first rehearsals. Yes... that's how behind I am on my photo uploads. Whoopsies. So, because it's late and I'm that lazy, you get to see lots and lots of backyard, garden and fence. I reckon you'll forgive me if I post another photo of my cat...... and what I'd look like without a head...And details! Actually, I loathe showing details. Now you can see how obnoxious that tie-dye print is up close... not to mention my "bling." Plus because my camera, or Windows, or Blogger, or someone, is stupid, close-up pictures like these are always disgustingly huge. Ugh.

But I think I'm really onto something with this tie-dye thing. And it's not just for summer... it's sticking around for fall. Just look at Serena!Yeah. Edgy. (By the way, I always feel slightly better about some of my more bizarre, boho-inspired sartorial choices when I look at Serena. Or Kate Moss.)
C'mon, people now. Can't we all be hippies? No? Well, not if you're wearing Blair's shoes.

As if this post couldn't get anymore ridiculous (read: epic!), I've decided to add a dumb-dumb poll. Because, why not?

So. Tell me. Who's the cutest here?


Sher said...

That was a cute post. I like your tie dye and no those pics are not huge. Backyard scenery is better than my weed oops I mean flower garden ;)

Jaime said...

Loved Emma Watson's dress at the Burb show- she is always stunning. Hope you post again soon :)

PS: I have a giveaway on my blog this week- enter by tomorrow night!

Emily said...

I love you and your epic posting. Not to mention your never-fail quality of making me giggle as I scroll down your blog.

We'll talk soon! Plans to make, plans to make! :D

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Loove the post! Your outfit is adorable. =) I love backyard shots, especially those with lovely gardens-I don't have a yard. =(

And I adore Emma, even if she'd dress in a paper bag she'd look fab.


Jessica said...

I don't believe we cut class to go see TMNT. I think we went to the midnight showing, so we didn't finish our homework for Dr. Nate.

See? Much better :)